Friday 23 October 2015

What if the future of business is not about technology?

Everywhere you look there's headlines saying The Future of Business Is Technology.

What if it isn't?

All day, every day there's talk of digital revolution and disruption. What if this isn't what really matters?

In her wonderful new book MEANINGFUL: THE STORY OF IDEAS THAT FLY, Bernadette Jiwa says:

... it's not the technology in isolation, particular platforms or specialised functionality that's driving the change; what's driving this new wave of relevance is the humanity of the entrepreneurs and business owners who create the products and user experiences that people love.

I couldn't agree more.


The future of your business is all about your humanity, how you see and treat people. Then you can concern yourself with how technology can help you to enable and enhance the experience you provide for your customers/clients.

Steve Jobs was onto this long ago of course. He said "You've got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology."

Even the industrial revolution giant GE is awake up to the fact that the future of business is not about technology, rather that technology is an enabler and enhancer of the human experience.

There's two short interviews with GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt here and here about this. In the first interview he says "I thought it was all about technology and admit I was wrong."

What will you do next to bring your humanity to your business?

How will you best use technology to enable and enhance the human experience of your customers/clients?

Be remarkable.

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