Monday 26 October 2015

Small transitions guarantee desired transformation

Every time a leader agrees to work with me and I with them transformation of something dear to their hearts is at the top of their agenda. It's the nature of our work together.

Before I sign a confirmation of agreement with clients I have stressed that big change won't happen over night and that there is a journey to travel before transformation happens.

Nevertheless expectations are high. There's a tendency to want the change/s to happen quickly. Often there's an expectation of miracles happening in the first week!

I help my clients to keep calm and considered by celebrating with them each time an agreed quantum leap has been taken.

All change is personal first, relationships second, and organisations a distant third, so the early celebrations with clients are often about very small personal wins which of course may not be very visible to everyone.

Once clients become familiar with quantum leaps change gets simpler, because the focus is no longer on the end game (transformation) rather the next jump from here to there (transition).

The resistance to, fear of, and anxiety about change that is ever present in human life is significantly reduced when changes are made one quantum leap at a time. It is also much easier to overcome people's fear of what they may lose by changing, by focusing on the next quantum leap.

Better still it's much easier to help people to gain from changing, one quantum leap at a time.

Are you faced with the need for transformation in your workplace? Think quantum leaps.

Then, carefully map out transition leaps with everyone involved. Celebrate when you take the leaps. The transformation you desire will happen as a consequence of taking the right leaps for you.

Be remarkable.

Possible Action

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