Wednesday 14 October 2015

My favourite F words

The image above is from this post by Kevin Roberts.

I love Brian Ashton's concepts and agree with Kevin that they're a solid recipe for business success.

Framework, not Gameplan
Freedom, not Restriction
Fearlessness, not Fear
Futuristic, not Flatlining

My clients have had success with

Failure is the the secret sauce of every day innovation.
Facebook friends are fine. Real friends are foundational.
Flashes of brilliance are not as valuable as consistent high performance.
Fast, flat, and free is a nice way to describe the internet of things.
Factory working ideology is being replaced with freelance thinking and action.

Firms of endearment.

What are your favourite F words?

Be remarkable.

PS I have to admit that in the right context WTF? is a great question to ask!

PSS I admit too that the quintessential F word in appropriate situations can still say it all.

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