Wednesday 28 October 2015

The universal business model you can adopt immediately to achieve better results

Soon you'll look back on 2015 and recognise it as a good year for your business life. You want 2016 to be better though right?

Likely your dream is to do better with a lot less personal cost to you and other people.

To lighten the load on you and a select few, more people will need to step up their performance next year.

Adopting the business model pictured below in your own way makes this possible.

Fundamental to your success in adopting this model is appreciating people.

The eminent psychologist and philosopher William James famously observed:

The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated.

There are many simple and common sense actions you're most likely taking that are expressing your appreciation to your employees. Below are just a few examples. All of them contribute to people feeling more valued.

Catching people doing things right and doing the right thing.
Giving people genuine compliments.
Informally and formally celebrating with people what is going well for them.
Always saying please and thank you and meaning it.
Being courteous and kind.
Sharing stories about the successes of your people.
Being compassionate.

To ensure actions like the above are meaningful to people in the long term in today's remarkable workplaces the following three practices are in place:

1) One page role clarity statements that articulate the value people are accountable to deliver and who to, have replaced detailed job descriptions that often end with "and anything else as directed."

2) One page personal and business development plans that articulate the leaps people will take in the next 90 days have replaced the traditional performance review/appraisal documents and the enormous amount of time and energy taken to complete them.

3) Candid and convivial conversations using the above as focusing tools are integral to daily work.

Possible Action

Should you like some help with adopting this model in your business let's chat.

Initially I provide a complimentary consultation. We'll "meet" online for a virtual coffee. We'll discuss your situation (in the strictest confidence of course) and I'll give you one great idea to move forward.

If we’re a great fit for each other and you’d like to discuss how we could work together going forward, fantastic. On the other hand, if either of us decides we’re not a great fit, no worries – you’ll still get top value from me that you can use straight away.​

And just so you know, I don’t do ‘hard sell'. That’s not what I believe works for effective change, so it would be against my own integrity for me to even go there.

So if that all this sounds like a great fit for you and your situation, let’s chat. Just email me at or call me on +61 418 807 898 to make arrangements.

Be remarkable.

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