Friday 16 October 2015

Problem or opportunity? - you get to decide

I hear the marketing gurus who say we must identify problems in a niche market and then offer enough of a solution to prospects that they'll be compelled to ask for more.

There's some truth in this, yet for me there's a more powerful way that's particularly relevant in our current world where most people are feeling overwhelmed and/or uncertain.

I'm finding it's better to discuss opportunities (positive mindset) with people rather than problems (negative mindset).

I've been testing this for 3 months now and here's the results.

When I ask prospects I've never met before "What's keeping you awake at night? or Tell me about the biggest problem your endeavouring to solve right now? or any number of questions that focus on the negative, the conversation tends to meander and only 16% of people feel compelled to continue the conversation.

And yet vibrant conversation occurs, and 77% of people are compelled to ask for more, when I phrase the question with a positive mindset, for example "So tell me, what's the great opportunity you're pursuing at the moment?"

I first learned this approach while helping my clients with every day innovation. I found that when the focus was problem solving there was a tendency to just solve the problem and reinstate the status quo. And yet when the focus was on opportunity and taking one quantum leap at a time, most often there's been innovation and a move to a new level of performance.

Problem or opportunity? - you get to decide.

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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