Monday 29 July 2019

Celebrating your own and everyone else's music

Music is a wonderful metaphor for talent or gift. I'm very grateful that I learned this a long time ago as I explore in the short video below.

Sometimes we can't hear our own music and just need to stop and be still and silent until it returns.

Sometimes we're afraid to dance to our own music and need to forget about what other people might think and just go for it.

Sometimes we're so wrapped up in our own music that we can't hear anyone else's. Personal time is essential for well-being yet most of the time we are living our lives with others.

Are you celebrating every day your music/talents/gifts?

Are you celebrating every one else's?

It some times seems like the world is all about either/or. In truth it's never about this or that rather our quest is to fully appreciate difference and live our lives embracing both/and.

As the great jazz musician James Morrison says In order to play well with others we must listen and improvise.

Here's three suggestions for celebrating you own and everyone else's music

1) Choose a theme song for
your life,
your work,
your projects,
your team,
whatever you wish.

Change your theme song regularly to match the seasons or whatever. In your teams and communities let others choose the themes as often as you do.

2) Think about the words of your favourite songs. What was the songwriter feeling and thinking when they wrote the song? What do the words mean to you, your loved one's, friends, colleagues?
Have informal conversations about what the words mean.

3) To further unearth, unleash and enhance your music/talents/gifts what ritual will you build into your weekly, monthly, and quarterly routines to ensure you are always becoming more of whom you are capable of becoming?

Be remarkable.

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