Wednesday 24 July 2019

How we treat our elders is a sign of our own destiny

In Australia right now there's a Royal Commission into Aged Care happening. Some of the findings about the poor treatment of some of our Elders is appalling.

I believe that how we treat our elders is a sign of our own destiny!

In the workplace there's evidence that employing older people actually helps employee retention.

Here's a nice piece from this article '5 reasons you why you should hire mature-age workers' by Rosie Cairnes of Skillsoft for Business Insider.

"Retention saves money. Often businesses are afraid to hire someone on the verge of retirement because they are trying to improve retention, but loyalty is now a fading phenomenon.

Chances are a 60-year old worker is more likely to stay with your organisation for five years than a 25-year old thinking about travel, starting a family or moving interstate – particularly if that employee truly enjoys working and does not want to retire.

To improve retention, businesses should be opening their doors people of all ages and backgrounds and investing in their development and wellbeing."

Creating an alumni for long term workers/members is another key retention strategy.

Key actions 

1) How can you do better in your workplace to tap into the wisdom of older workers?

2) What can you do more and less of in your communities to best respect and honour older people and makes use of their wisdom?

Be remarkable.

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