Wednesday 3 July 2019

There is no road to peace. Peace is the road

I'm not certain it was Gandhi who said these powerful words (I found the image on Pinterest via a Google search) nevertheless they are words for our time.

Spend even just a few minutes on Twitter, read any newspaper, watch any news on TV, and likely you'll come across hate speech.


The language of hate has taken over it seems. It's coming from the far right of religious people (nothing new sadly).

And of course politicians (Trump is a main offender) seem to be all about fear and division, rather than love and interconnectedness.

We can all do our bit to stop this.

I hear lot's of talk about changing the conversation about this or that. Well to change any conversation we must change the language.

Here's what I've found. When our language is enlightened we elevate the conversation. When we do this we enrich relationships and the interactions and transactions that follow are better. I call this convention and picture it as follows in my Remarkable Workplaces book.

Who will you become today, and what will you do next to ensure peace is the road you're traveling on?

Be remarkable.

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