Wednesday 22 April 2020

Crossing your bridge to the PC (post corona) world

I imagine for lots of people that DC (during corona) is a bit like sitting by a campfire contemplating whether to leave the forrest that has been your safety zone for the past few weeks and step out and onto the bridge nearby that you suspect will lead to a new way of being and doing.

Who will you become? What will you do PC (post corona)?

I recommend the following as a change process to follow in your own best way.

Recommended Actions

1) Visit my The Appreciative Leader handbook companion resources web page. 

Scroll down to the Appreciating what is (Sparkenation 15) and 'Shifting from reality (what is) to Possibility (What Can Be)’ (Sparkenation 16) exercises. Download the forms and complete the exercises.

2) Create a series of quantum leaps that you will take over the next 90 days to move from what is to what can be.

3) Take these leaps.

4) Undertake an after-action-review by

a) Reviewing one leap at a time answering the following questions what happened and why? what did you learn, relearn, and unlearn? How can you be better, wiser and more valuable in applying your learnings? Who will we become? What will we do next?

2) Determine how your answers will be integrated with what is already working well for you. Do integration work.

5) Repeat from 1).

Should you love some help with the above please contact me.

Be remarkable.

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