Friday 10 April 2020

Who Before Do

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This week my friend and colleague Susan Furness and myself launched our co-creation Strategic Heartistry. It’s an alternative to strategic planning.

We co-created the programme with Susan in Dubai and myself in Australia. It’s been a joy to put technology to the test and co-create something remarkable from scratch without meeting at all in person.

Learn more about our launch here. 

Strategy Heartistry – the art of talking in, before you talk out; into yourself and in with your team, is very much in alignment with my mantra of Who Before Do, the topic for this post and podcast.

Who Before Do is also in sync with one of the key phrases about the present and the future that Susan and I invented for Strategic Heartistry. The phrase has mystery and magic and already a momentum to it, it’s ‘being decisively human in a digitally connected world."

There are of course numerous examples of the best of humanity since the crisis all over the internet. There’s also examples of the worst in us!

I’ve been speaking too with some of my clients and colleagues about the stresses of being locked in and locked down. My mantra Who Before Do is often used. I created this mantra originally to illustrate that culture is not just the way we do things around here, it’s also who we are long before what we do.

Aristotle was onto this a very long time ago, about 350 BC. He said “it’s not a question of what should I do but who should I be.”

I think this is a profound statement.

The key to overcoming the stresses of this crisis together lies in who we are long before what we do.

I’ve 3 suggestions for you to become more of whom you’re capable of becoming which Robert Louis Stevenson once remarked as the only purpose in life. He said “to be who we are and to become all that we are capable of becoming, is the only purpose in life.”

Simon Sinek famously suggested start with why. I love Simon’s work, yet I believe we should start with who.

First suggestion: Remind yourself every morning when you awake and every night before you go to sleep that you are a one-of-a-kind human being. You are the only version of you. Be the best version you can be.

Suggestion Two: Invest time every day zeroing in on your essence (what is uniquely significant about you). Ask the people in your home what they feel and think. Create a plan-on-a-page about how you will become more of your essence and how you will magnify and enhance your essence as well as doing the same for others. This is Heart Leadership.

Dr Judi Neal PhD and Edgewalkers where my collaborator in Strategic Heartistry Susan is a Board member and master practitioner have a great Qualities of Being and Edgewalker Skills that are very much in alignment with living Who Before Do.

One of the outcomes Susan and I have in mind for participants in Strategic Heartistry is reversing the doing and the being of our world. After all we are human beings not human doings!

Third suggestion: Decide on ways that you will keep your progress towards your best you visible.

Should you love some help with any of these actions please give me a shout and we’ll get on Zoom together.

This is a time like never before to be "decisively human in a digitally connected world."

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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