Monday 6 April 2020

What do I focus on next?

I love this from Kevin Roberts. It's very useful for determining what to focus on.

Currently I'm glad of my routine of working for 90 minutes and then doing something completely different for 20 minutes minimum.

How are you investing in your time?

This about Deep Work (Cal Newport) may also be useful for you. NB I'm allowing myself to get distracted more than usual at present. Even for someone who works at home most of the time current situation is still testing. I'm remaining grateful for our freedom and will celebrate when it returns!

Be remarkable.

PS Every Thursday at 10 am from 2nd April for at least the next 6 weeks I'm hosting a virtual coffee and cake session online. No agenda. Just conversation with like-hearted people. Email me ian@ianberry.iz to get the link

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