Wednesday 15 April 2020

Local is our future in person and local, national, global online

I'm currently studying this book.

I highly recommend purchasing it yourself.

It's confirmed for me a lot of what I already knew. Here's just 3 areas:

1) our global economic system is failing us. A few bankers and shareholders get richer while inequality gets deeper and wider.

2) a few corporations rule the world aided and abetted by some politicians. Of the biggest economies more than two thirds are corporations.

Even a cursory glance at global supply-chains reveals massive inefficiencies, waste and exploitation of workers.

3) Food that isn't made and distributed locally doesn't taste as good as the food that is sourced locally and in season. Further a lot of the food we eat not locally grown and packaged off shore is actually bad for our health.

Local is our future in person I believe. Local economics, dealing with local businesses, eating food produced locally, just for starters.

The great paradox is that globalisation works online. 

An example is my colleague Susan Furness and myself creating a live online learning course called Strategic Heartistry as an alternative to strategic planning. Susan lives in Dubai, me Australia.

Tomorrow we're hosting a pilot of our course with people from 5 countries and no-one leaving home.

When we launch next week, people from all over the world will be participating.

More people will work from home post the current crisis than ever before.

As my wife and I walk the local beach and bush paths every day we're seeing and smelling a cleaner, more vibrant earth. It wasn't bad before yet the difference is still noticeable. This difference of course is most noticeable in the big cities. I predict less big city life and more local and regional living in the near future.

Our future is local, national and global yet not as it was a month ago. We're not going back to how things were and I'm very glad. You?

Who will you become?  What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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