Friday 24 April 2020

Re-imagine, re-purpose and re-start

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Last week’s podcast was a conversation with Susan Furness, my colleague and co-creator of Strategic Heartistry, an alternative to strategic planning.

During our research for our program Susan and myself came up with a lot of R words to describe the during and post corona worlds before settling on our overarching 3 for this time of re-imagine, re-purpose and re-start.

Renaissance got a good airing in our conversation. The first renaissance of course was a movement away from the feudal and religious dogmas of the time. It was led by polymaths like Leonardo da Vinci.

Will you be one of the leaders of a new renaissance post corona? 

We need people leading us away from the broken world economic system and the other dark sides of globalisation.

Susan and I explored reinvention a lot. In our view there’s much that needs a make-over at the very least. What could you reinvent in your life and work? It’s very likely that post corona the world of work will never return to where it was. This is a great opportunity for everyone deciding to lead in this new era.

Resilience is a word for now and the foreseeable future. I’ve been excited to see how resilient we are as humans. You?

Reasons, Relationships and Routines have been high on my list as I’m sure on yours. Here's the link to my short online course called Reasons, Relationships and Routines Guarantee Results because I am absolutely certain that they do.

Risk of course rates an honourable mention at least. Personal space and not invading it has taken on new meaning during corona right? And of course risk management is now firmly on every leaders agenda.

One of my favourite R’s is restaurant. I’m missing them! And I really feel for owners and operators. Restaurant’s and coffee shops are a third place I have done a lot of living and a lot of business in over the years. Now Zoom is my third place. And while I’m enjoying virtual coffee and cake (optional) every Thursday with clients and colleagues there is nothing like the real thing right?

Re-Think, Re-Position, Re-Charge, Reset, Reboot, Reclaim, Re-feel ad Reposition all came up for Susan and I in our deliberations.

In the end we chose re-imagine, re-purpose and re-start as our key three and reality, reason, recipe, rituals and rhythm as the key pieces of our Strategic Heartistry model.

What R’s would you choose to represent your life and work now and how they will you be apart of your playbook post corona?

Do Your Work.

Be remarkable.

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